Feridoon Mokhof

Chairman of the board

It is a great joy and honor to introduce our Chairman of the Board, the Rev. Feridoon Mokhof. Rev. Mokhof is an Azeri-Iranian Pastor ordained by the Assemblies of God church of Iran. Ever since 1982 he has been serving AOG churches in Iran, Turkey, England and Scotland. In addition to his pastoral ministries he has translated and published numerous books in Farsi and Azeri. Also he is a well-known teacher on three Iranian Christian Satellite TV stations. In partnership with Wycliffe he has been engaged with two Bible translation projects, he has also managed three minority dialect projects of Iran including Gilaki, Mazandarani, and Qashqai. Rev. Mokhof is a Ph. D. candidate at Colorado Theological Seminary with a focus on “Communicating Christ to Post-Revolutionary Youth in Iran”.

“My dream is to see a day when the salvific message of the gospel in written and audio formats has been made available for all languages and dialects spoken in Iran. May one day each Iranian will have the opportunity to hear the Message and to encounter the New Life in Jesus Christ.”

Rev. Feridoon Mokhof

Chairman of the Bord

Iranian Bible Society in Diaspora