Miss. Nelly Safary


Nelly Safari accepted Christ into her life when she was a teenager. Growing up in a ‘mixed’ household of Armenian, Persian and some other origins, and attending a French Catholic school in Tehran, had exposed her to many points of view and religions. But when she read the Bible, she realized that she had to make a personal commitment; and thus began her journey of faith. Nelly worked on the translation team of the Living Bible into Persian (Tafsiri) but half-way through the project she left Iran to eventually settle down in Canada. She has been working at the Canadian Bible Society since 1986. While working full-time, she continued her university studies and obtained a BA in Linguistics and a MA in Translation from York University in Toronto. She has been member of a multi-cultural church in Toronto for 30 years and has been providing simultaneous translation of the services into Persian for that entire time.

“When I hear stories of lives changed through the Bible, I am more encouraged to continue my humble contribution to this ministry. Reading the Bible in one’s own language is amazing! Thank God for those who make this possible. Being a part of the Iranian Bible Society in Diaspora is an honour and privilege I do not take lightly.”