Mr. Hamid Malek


Mr. Hamid Malek is a graduate of Lehigh University with degrees in Civil Engineering and Architecture. His 35-year professional career has been dedicated to serving the needs of persons with disabilities.

Hamid grew up in Tehran and attended Bahare-No (Miss Mary’s) elementary school, and Iran-Zamin high school (under Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Irvine). It was through the loving care of these Christian Saints that he first experienced God’s unconditional acceptance, as they never proselytized or imposed their beliefs on any student. In college, Hamid was blessed to meet fine Christians who likewise exemplified Christ’s unconditional love. He learned of the liberating faith in Christ that empowers us to accept, love and serve others, without any preconditions.

Hamid credits his faith to God’s grace and mercy as demonstrated through the lives of other believers. In Matthew 5:16 Jesus teaches us to “let our light so shine before others, that they may see our good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven”.

“My vision is for serving as a Board member of the Iranian Bible Society in Diaspora (IBSD) is to be so touched by reading about God’s Grace and Mercy, that we would reflect His unconditional acceptance and love toward others, through lives of radical generosity and service-but starting with me…